Monday, February 10, 2014

Are You Feeling Blah?

I keep hearing people say they are feeling blah. I did a little bit of investigation work to discern exactly what they are feeling. Some report feeling bored, tired, burned out, and depressed.

There are numerous way to get past the blahs. May I suggest you try doing something kind for someone else. You need to do something completely selfless. Amazingly, this will make you happy, and healthier. Little things like walk someones dog, run errands for someone, or spend 30 minutes with a sick or shut in neighbor. Visit a nursing home, read and visit with the residents, you will feel great. The smile you put on others face is priceless. Volunteer at a school, you can make a big difference in someones life.
Pick up a persons lunch check, or pay for someones items in the express lane at the supermarket.

Any of the above items, or a thousand other things you can do to help others and get your mind of feeling sorry for yourself. You will feel great helping others. It is an amazing feeling. Good luck getting rid of the blahs.