Friday, February 21, 2014

Are you worried or hopeful about the future?

I cringe when I hear professing Christians say they are worried about the future. They are worried about this and that. They never mention God in any of these concerns.

Christians are to be seeking the Kingdom of God. Jesus is suppose to be King of our life. God must control every area of our lives including work, play, relationships and future plans. I hear people talking about the future, but I never hear concern about the Kingdom of God it does not appear to be a concern.

The Bible teaches the Kingdom of God is to be central to all we do. God is suppose to be controlling our life. Jesus warns us not to worry about everyday life. Jesus warns about worrying about having clothes to wear or food to eat. God already knows our needs. God promises to give us what we need from day to day if we make the Kingdom of God our primary concern. Whew, this is a lot to understand, to process, to comprehend!

This is in Luke 12:22-48.

Jesus goes on to tell us to sell what we have and give it to those in need. What? I have to read this again maybe I misunderstood. No, I did not misunderstand. Jesus tells us to sell what we have and give the money to those in need. Jesus said, this act of obedience will store up treasure for us in Heaven. Our treasures will be safe in Heaven, no thief can steal it, and no moth can destroy our treasure. Jesus goes on to say wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be.

Oh, goodness this is serious! I have read this many times in the past and this scripture keeps calling out to me. Listen what Jesus says, wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be. Wow! The more I ponder this the more I see what God is saying. Many of us have our treasures stored on earth thus according to God our hearts and thoughts are here also. The significant of this scripture keeps screaming out to me. 

The Scriptures relating to this chapter keep surfacing in my mind. I am troubled by these scriptures. I believe God means what he says. So, why can't I as well as numerous other professing Christians follow God's word and sell everything we own and give the money away to those in need.

I try not to listen to the media movement putting down the poor or the ones in need. I can honestly say I do not have hard feelings for those on food stamps, or other forms of welfare. My heart does not resent the help my tax dollars provides for them. Yet, I can not seem to be obedient to the Lord and sell all I own and give the money to the people in need. I pray my faith will become stronger so I can be obedient to God. I do not want my heart attached to this world. I want my heart, and thoughts, to be in the Kingdom of Heaven. I want my treasures stored in the Kingdom of Heaven. Where are your treasures stored?