Monday, February 10, 2014

The rants of the uneducated!

Wow! The people that rant and rave about lost of respect in this country are the first that will not listen to others viewpoint. It would behoove these people to be more informed, also known as educated. When you only watch, read, and listen to people with the same viewpoint as the one you hold, you began to think your viewpoint is the truth or reality. It is possible your viewpoint may not be factual.

An intelligent person wants to know all sides to an issue. What is wrong with being educated? Guess what? Even those that may have the same opinion as you do still laugh at you, because you do not know all of the facts. You spout your opinion and paste an article that represent your delusion of reality. Pitiful! 

What is tragic is when people hold higher degrees and they do not know the first thing about the companies where they get their information. They do not know the key players and their motivation. They do not know world history. These people are pitiful, sad and uneducated.

Many students at major universities do not know who is giving money to their university and what are the strings attached. Many students are not aware the strings are the donor get to pick and choose people to teach a certain curriculum in the university. A version of what they want to project as the truth. This version is not reality. They get by with this since people are not well read in a variety of issues. The people that are suppose to be educated are often the uneducated. Pitiful!  Pathetic!

A wise, wealthy man once told me, to follow the money if you want to know who is controlling the puppet strings.