Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hardships and God

My Mom went through a horrible health experience March and April of 2013. She was in the hospital for surgery when she had a heart attack and spent 25 days in Shelby and Charlotte hospitals. She spent three weeks in skilled nursing home care after leaving the hospital via ambulance.

We are blessed and thankful she is alive. She has regained some strength and has been able to live with the new limitations that congested heart failure, a heart condition, and limited kidney functions have placed on her.

Her recent doctor visit does not reveal good results. We have noticed her kidney output is down. This is not good. Her kidneys are starting to decline even more. I am reminded she is on this journey homeward bound. We have been blessed with the last ten months for this I am grateful. 

My mind searches for scripture for comfort and strength. It is hard to understand there is a purpose in difficult situations, and in suffering. First, difficult times reminds us that we are human and have limitations. Secondly, we are reminded of  the suffering Jesus bore for us. Trying times and health problems help us keep prospective, that this life is fragile and can end any second. These hardships are a great opportunity for Christians to witness for Christ. We can see God's power in these situations. My Mom being alive today is a miracle from God.